We started using the L8guard system at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust in 2013. Since then it has proved invaluable in helping us to monitor and manage our legionella and pseudomonas flushing regimes across our main hospital site, as well as in more than 20 community buildings, clinics and health centres across the region. L8guard has allowed us to centralise all of the flushing data, automate our report generation and keep on top of flushing performance across the entire Trust – dramatically reducing the time we spend on this activity and ensuring that we have immediate access to all records whenever we need them.

The system was easy to set up and implement. We worked closely with the L8guard team who co-ordinated and performed all of the data entry as part of the deployment process. L8guard has proved to be an effective solution to managing the problems surrounding low-use water outlet flushing.

A number of key stakeholders have been greatly impressed by the information provided by L8guard, including infection control Committee, HPA, Commissioners and Water quality team”.

Michael Parkhill | Assistant Director of Estates | Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

“Our attempts to comply with Department of Health guidelines (HTM 04-01 and ACOP L8) which say a low-use water outlet risk assessment must be recorded at least twice a week using a paper based manual format were floundering. We had hundreds of bits of paper, some departments sent them monthly some weekly, so we never knew where we were. It was a nightmare. Then we adopted L8 Guard, almost overnight we had complete visibility of who was performing who wasn’t (so we could find out why and help them) Best we could prove, at a moment’s notice our compliance. I would recommend the system to any large institution struggling to prove it has effective water management”.

Christopher Sims | Estates Maintenance Manager | Kingston Hospital NHS F T

“L8Guard is an effective tool for compiling weekly data from multiple sites across campus and generating concise management information. On the ground it frees up time spent on repetitive record keeping and ensures routine monitoring tasks are dealt with in a timely manner”.

Ian Holland | Statutory Compliance Manager | University of Central Lancashire

“We’ve been using L8guard for the last couple of years – it’s helped us to quickly streamline our water outlet flushing and means all the information is available whenever we need it.”

Ben Burlingham | General Manager | Scarthingwell Golf Course | Leeds



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